[Saabros Videos] Autocross: Our Introduction To Motorsports

We love to drive and we love to compete, so it didn’t take long for us to discover that participating in motorsports is the key to happiness.

We originally got our feet wet by competing in SCCA solo autocross events. Frankie’s first time experiencing the thrills of autocross was all thanks to Paul Fink, a skilled driver and frequent winner of the ‘Street Touring X’ class in NEPA SCCA solo autocross events. Paul was the one who showed Frankie that you don’t need a fully-prepped race car in order to have fun.

It didn’t take much for Frankie to convince Chris to give autocross a try. While autocross is fun, it doesn’t offer a whole lot of seat time. After a couple of autoX seasons, Chris discovered that Champcar Racing, formerly known as Chumpcar Racing, offers a whole lot more seat time per session. That said, a season of Champcar Racing requires a whole lot more funding than a season of autocross, especially the first year.

Autocross is a blast, but a lap around an actual track is a much bigger thrill.

If you aren’t too familiar with autocross, watch the footage below for a better understanding of what it is. The video was recorded during an SCCA solo autocross event in Williamsport, PA circa 2015, back when we first began to set things in motion.


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