Donut Media Explains Why Saab Enthusiasts Cherish Their Swedish Vehicles

“Today almost every OEM offers a turbocharged model, and it’s all because of Saab.”

If you haven’t watched any of the ‘Up To Speed’ videos by Donut Media, you’re missing out. Those guys do a great job of entertaining while informing – and we’ve taken a few notes.

In this video they focus on the history of Saab: how a plane company began making cars, and how it had a profound impact on the automotive industry.

We would like to emphasize the conclusion of the video, where the host, James Pumphrey, talks about the tail-end of Saab’s existence:

With the Americans in full control, the suits in Detroit decided that it was time for the big ideas at Saab to end. GM shoved Saab’s operation together with Opel, and pretty much everything they put out after that was just a rebadged version of an Opel or a Chevy.

We’ve already started our analysis of the messy drama between Saab and General Motors, and you can read more on that here. Right now we’re taking a closer look at why Ford was able to successfully dissolve Volvo, while GM failed to do the same with Saab. We’ll have more on that for you in a future article.

It’s refreshing to see Saab getting the respect it deserves, even if it is bittersweet. We’ll keep it short so that you can go ahead and enjoy the video, which we’ve embedded below.

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