Taking Baby Steps With My 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T

Last week we introduced my first Saab, a Laser Red 2007 2.0T model. This week I’m sharing with you some of the first few months of ownership, and a few of the small projects I completed at the time.

Upon getting the car home I decided that, as clean as it was, there was still room for improvement. That next day I laid out my cleaning products (mostly Meguiar’s at the time), microfiber towels, and found some free time to get the car up to my own standards. I hit just about every inch on the car, but the majority of the time was spent on the interior and engine bay. The fruits of that labor can be seen in the gallery below.

Within the next few days I decided it was time for my first “performance” mod. Now what does every wide-eyed, teenaged gear head associate with a turbo car; an atmospheric blow-off valve. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the Trionic T8 system uses a MAF sensor for intake air calculations, and it was in my best interest to leave that system OE (original equipment).

My next choice was a short-ram, open-air BSR Optiflow Intake from GenuineSaab. The sounds let off by an open-air intake were still as satisfying. At the time the intake was back-ordered, so I waited almost two months, which felt like years to a young, eager me.

I do, however, have one recommendation if you chose to do this modification. Replace the thin oiled filter with a higher quality dry air filter. You will lose some of that precious audible goodness, but it will better filter the air coming into your engine and protect your MAF from oil contamination.

For the remainder of 2012 I didn’t spend any more time tinkering with the car. Instead, I spent my time taking in the sights and cruising around with friends in my new Saab 9-3. Stay tuned to hear about the following, fun-filled year; 2013. In the meantime, enjoy some eye candy captured during 2012. There might not be much to see, but these amateur shots were the start of something big.


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  1. I remember looking for that car with you like it was yesterday – that Saab 93 was so much more of a car than anything else we looked at. I enjoyed watching you make it yours with the mods and helping out from time to time. From the laps on Pocono Raceway’s freshly repaved track to watching the GoPro
    videos of your track days….

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