His And Hers: Nordic Stage 3 9-3 Aero Convertible And 9-3 TTiD Tuned By Maptun

“You know what it’s like when you see bargains; you just can’t refuse them when you own a Saab.”

You might recall the Demon-eyed Turbo X we shared a couple of weeks ago. It was owned by a lad named Nathan Blackmore, who happens to have owned a total of 25 different Saabs in his lifetime, and currently owns two other modified Saab 9-3s in addition to his Turbo X. Because Saab, but also because he needed a daily driver and his partner wanted one to call her own.

The other two 9-3s are an Aero convertible model, which has been fitted with Nordic’s Stage 3 kit, and a face-lifted TTiD model which has been tuned by Maptun. Interesting side note: after sampling Saabs tuned by Nordic, Maptun, and VTuner, Nathan says that he was most impressed with the Saab tuned by Nordic.

The Saab shown above is the daily driven 9-3 TTiD, and with the Maptun software the twin-turbocharged 1.9-liter diesel engine produces an estimated 227 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque, measured at the crank. In addition to the boost in performance, this TTiD has also been fitted with 18-inch, OEM Turbo X wheels, a genuine Hirsch rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber, Hirsch-style spoiler.

Nathan calls the bright yellow-green 9-3 Aero convertible a “weapon”. In addition to its Nordic Stage 3 tune, which raises the output to 320 horsepower, the ‘vert features a Do88 air intake kit, custom down-pipe, polyurethane bushings throughout, Turbo X calipers and 345mm rotors, and Bilstein shocks coupled with Maptun performance springs.

For the most part the ‘vert appears stock, which makes it sort of like a sleeper, though that bright color is surely an attention-grabber. His partner, Jane Andrew, stipulated that the ‘vert be in this color and that it have the same 2.8-liter V6 as the Turbo X because she wanted to hear that heavenly exhaust note.

Nathan's Aero Convertible 4

While we feel that the Turbo X is the crowned jewel of Nathan’s Saab vehicle lineup, his and his wife’s other 9-3s are still worth our appreciation. It’s a mighty fine fleet if you ask us. It speaks to the variety of Saabs that are out there—from convertible coupes to diesel-powered sedans, there’s a Saab for everyone.

That said, we’d like to hear which of Nathan’s modified Saabs you appreciate the most. Is it the Turbo X, the TTiD, or the Aero convertible? Give us your thoughts in the comment section located near the bottom of the page.


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