Instagram Art Portfolio Features Saab-Inspired Design

Instagram user @danygcal recently sent us an exclusive sneak-peek of his abstract Saab 96 art design, and it turned out wonderfully.

As Saab connoisseurs who recently graduated from Penn State University, it’s only right that we share our appreciation for the finer things, like boxed wine and smoked gouda from Wal-Mart.

Calm down, we’re just kidding. We’ve got nothing but love for blue and white.

Preview of the @danygcal Instagram portfolio

In any case, we are taking this time to appreciate a piece of abstract art created by Dany Calcano. Dany is currently designing work with the intention of sharing them through his Instagram portfolio (as shown above). His most recent digital masterpiece was inspired by a Saab 96, and we think it’s his best one so far, though we have obvious bias towards it.

When asked the cliche, “so, what do you draw your inspiration from” question, Dany had this to say:

I get inspiration from a lot of different places. Not just art, but life in general. With this art style, I wanted to include my sense of curiosity of the universe and add a cool, mysterious vibe to it. I don’t like to explain my art too much because I’d rather hear what someone else feels or thinks of when they look at it. I find it interesting how we can all be looking a the same things but who we are and what we’ve experienced throughout life can shape how we perceive things.

For Frankie, the design reminds him a bit of the NBA Miami Heat Vice City jerseys (which are the best-looking Heat jerseys of all-time), and the ending to the music video for a Saab-inspired song (more on that tomorrow). They’ve all got an 80s vibe to ’em, and that’s a nostalgic sensation that we think is typically appealing to most folk.

To see the rest of Dany’s Instagram portfolio, visit his account page: @danygcal. Stay tuned as we’ve got a week full of content in store for you!

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