Which Saab 900 Classic Would You Choose: A Fixer-Upper Or A Connoisseur’s Dream Car?

My choice would be a Rose Quartz hatch with a 5-speed manual transmission and a well-kept maroon velour interior without any rips or tears. Though it has a tall price of $10,500.

If you’re in the market for a clean, needs-nothing, mint-condition Saab 900 Classic, you’ve got a whole market range to pick from.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you’ve got this red, ’90 SPG model that runs and drives, but is being sold as a parts car due to rust. For $1,900 you’ll get the SPG and an ’89 900 roller, and with¬†some a lot of work you’ll have a revived 900. Or you could purchase this vaguely-described 900, which is also a red ’90 SPG model, only this one is in “excellent condition”, ready to drive, and costs $8,500.

1990 900 SPG Parts Car

In the mid-market, you’ve got samples like this green ‘vert¬†with 160,000 miles and an asking price of $3,000. This 900 S is in pretty decent condition with some recent maintenance, though the automatic transmission is slipping. If you move further up market, you’ll start seeing even healthier 900s, like this “near mint”, black-on-black ’88 turbo model with price tag of $4,800.

At the top of the market are models like this black 1985 900 SPG, which was once owned and maintained by a certified Saab-Scania technician. It’s got 138,000 miles and a price of $11,500, and a few extra amenities, including rear window louvers, tinted windows, and a re-upholstered front seat.

Out of all the 900 Classics we came across during this brief window shopping stint, the one I found most intriguing would be this 2-owner 1987 900 Turbo with 82,000 miles on the clock. While it isn’t an SPG, it does have SPG wheels, relatively super-low mileage, and seems to be in impeccable shape according to the photos and description. I also find the well-kept, maroon velour interior to be extremely appealing.

Click on the hyperlinks throughout this article to see the sales listings for each of the aforementioned Saab 900 Classics, then let us know which one you’re most likely to purchase by participating in the poll below. (Note: are search was limited to the Northeaster US.)

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