1973 Saab 99L 4-Speed Import With 12,500 Miles Listed With No Reserve

If you’re interested in bidding on this well-kept Saab 99, you should know that the current bid is at $4,000 and that the auction closes in less than 5 hours.

Edit: This auction has ended and the 99 has been sold for $6,600. We also learned that the actual mileage according to documentation was “about 136,000.”

Shoutout to the SAAB sub-Reddit: Saabbit, for bringing this original 1973 Saab 99L to our attention. This gem was imported from Sweden in 2015, has just 12,500 miles (according to the five-digit odometer), a factory 4-speed manual transmission, and is currently listed for sale on BringATrailer.com.

1973 Saab 99L 4-Speed Auction 2

Interestingly, the seller has decided to list this 99 with no reserve, and the current bid sits at $4,000. With documentation dating back to the ’70s and detailed pictures, we say ‘go for it’ to those who have been wanting to purchase a classic Saab, because this is one of the best deals on a classic Saab that we’ve recently come across. It even comes with a set of studded snow tires.

1973 Saab 99L 4-Speed Auction 3

It is, to us, a quintessential classic Saab. While it appears to be supremely well-kept, it’s still a driver. Keeping the mileage low may do you a favor if you’re hoping for an ROI, but at the end of the day it’s a car. We’re sure it’ll provide the lucky new owner with plenty of smiles per mile, whoever that may be. (Full-disclosure, Frankie tried to convince Chris to purchase this car, which can be seen as an anecdote about their relationship).


To see the auction listing for more information, click here.

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