The Forgotten Saab: This Brand New 9-4X Will Continue To Sit In Storage

A brand-new 9-4X sitting in dealer inventory gets snagged by ‘head honcho’ of dealer network before anyone could figure out how to purchase it.

Before its last breath, Saab purchased this 2011 9-4X with a 3.0-liter V6, front-wheel drive configuration, and Zodiac Black Pearl finish from the Gurley Leep Buick Cadillac GMC dealership. The 9-4X then sat and waited to be picked up, but no one ever came for it.

Fast forward nearly 7 years, and the forgotten 9-4X resurfaces. The dealership had cleared off the dust to change the fluids, the battery, and give an overall inspection. Pictures and information on the vehicle began to surface, and many wondered (including me) if it would be possible to purchase the last “brand new Saab.”

Brand New 9-4X Odometer

The original window sticker is still in the car, and the odometer reads “000795 mi.” We bet it still has that new-car-smell, too.

Before anyone could figure out if the car could still be purchased, or was even for sale, a “head honcho” of the dealership bought the new 9-4X. It’s said that this person has two warehouses full of cars, including a 2007 Quattroporte GT and other Maseratis, Lamborghinis, a few Ferraris, an all-original Acura NSX, and, for whatever reason, a Lincoln Blackwood pick-up.

Brand New 9-4X Rear

Since it’s gone to an auto-hoarder, many in the Saab community expect this unused Saab 9-4X to sit tucked away in storage for an indefinite amount of time. While this might make most of us sad, there’s something to be said about the preservation of a Saab vehicle, so for that we’re equally glad.

Shoutout to Darren Good for sharing this find on the SAABMERICA! Facebook page. Dan also provided the VIN for this 9-4X, incase any of you Saab-faithfuls would like to keep track of it and eventually (hopefully) make it your own: 3G0FNPEYXBS800543. 

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