[Saabros Videos] Competing in a Philadelphia SCCA Autocross Event at Pocono Raceway

It was my first ever autocross event, and Frankie’s first experience with Philly region SCAA, but being at a local racetrack seemed to ease any nerves we may have had.

We arrived early that morning to ensure we had enough time to prepare the cars and walk the layout. Well, that was our plan anyway, though I recall forgetting tape for the door numbers, hustling to get everything out of our trunks, and taking a nice brisk walk around the course.┬áRegardless, we managed to get everything done that we wanted and still make it to the drivers’ meeting on time.

The drivers’ meeting was quite uneventful, as they tend to be, but there was a surge of excitement when they mentioned parade laps around the Pocono Raceway in-field would take place mid-day. I had a stupid grin from ear-to-ear, and suddenly, I couldn’t wait until lunch time. It wouldn’t be the first time my 2007 9-3 2.0T saw the asphalt of Pocono Raceway, but it was the first time I’d get to drive around the road course portion.

In line for a parade lap at United Way’s Car Wash Charity Event at Pocono’s “Tricky Triangle” Raceway

Frankie and myself had some difficulties that morning with our first few runs; so much, we had to bring in some co-drivers to explain where we were going off course. There was some… disagreement… on how the course was setup, but that was their style, so all we could do was follow it. The morning session for us was over, but not without each of us getting at least one valid time on the board. Fast forward through our work session and it was time to ride over to the in-field and take some laps.

The afternoon session was much better. Our times progressively got better run after run. My last run was my fastest, and cleanest, of the day.

At the time, this autocross event was the most fun I ever had while behind the wheel of my Saab 9-3SS. The experience made us determined to attend as many events as possible that summer, which you’ll see more of in the coming weeks.

Shoutout to Mike Griffin who posted some pretty sweet pictures of the event shown below, which includes our Saabs out on course and “hard parking” in the lot.



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