The Handsome Swede: A Saab-Centric Photo Gallery By Royal Puffin

Photographer Sydney Cummings shows off her photography skills by capturing the essence of Saab in this charming gallery.

When we first stumbled upon the website for Royal Puffin Photography, we were immediately drawn to the images of various automobiles and air planes. After browsing the page, we found out that Sydney was a fellow Saab enthusiast (she owns the blue 9-3 shown above), and that she was kicking off a project titled, “The Handsome Swede.”

We reached out to Syd since we were curious as to why she decided to focus her project on Saab vehicles – aside from the fact that they’re simply amazing – and to this she replied:

I had chosen Saabs as the subject of my project because my own car is very dear to my heart. Before I even knew there was a community behind Saab, I had fallen in love with all of its quirky bits. Being a photographer and someone who’s always on the run, the car pretty much became my home. There was a time in my life where I was so busy with shooting jobs that I was sleeping, eating, and working in my car. During the times where I felt I had no one to go to, I could always count on my little blue 9-3 to be there for me. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth.

After diving into the Saab community and learning about it’s history, I fell even more in love. I guess my passion for my own vehicle is what sparked the idea of gathering other peoples’ “Saab stories” and putting them not only into writing, but images. I’ve only been working on this project for two months now and I’ve already met so many wonderful people and have shot amazing cars.

Royal Puffin - Saab 900

If you read Syd’s description of the project on the Royal Puffin website (linked at the bottom of this page) you’ll see that her work quickly became about more than just the pictures and the cars, the focus shifted to the aforementioned “Saab stories.”

“…it wasn’t just pictures. These people had stories. Stories they wanted to be heard and embossed… Alas, this small project had quickly turned into something deep rooted that I never anticipated. In the short time that I’ve been working on this piece, I have found passion again. Not only in my own work, but in people.”

We applaud Sydney for her excellent work, and look forward to the completion of “The Handsome Swede” project and the ensuing book. To get a better sense of Syd’s work, peep the gallery below. She does more than just car and plane photos, too. You can see the rest of her photography by visiting her site or following her on Instagram: @RoyalPuffin. If you’d like to get involved with the project, you can shoot an e-mail to:┬á


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