[Saabros Videos] Powertrain Removal Time Lapse

I’m not a big fan of clutter, especially when it begins to impede my productivity. That is why I am happy to say this hunk of junk is finally out of my garage.

I moved into my new house, and consequently my new shop, in mid-February earlier this year. At the time, BGKP Motorsports had a long to-do list with a rather short timeline. Along with that was the list of house projects I had added to my personal list. Needless to say, keeping the shop organized slowly became less of a priority.

This past week we were able to get one big thing crossed off that list: “get the parts car out of the garage.” There was one big thing standing in the way of that, though we had to remove the powertrain which we were going to use as a spare for an upcoming 24-hour Champcar event at Nelsons Ledges. So, as most automotive enthusiasts, we had ridden procrastination and a full schedule all the way to its final stop, and we no longer had the option not to deal with it.

Check out the removal of the powertrain in our 1997 Saab 900SE “Talladega Edition.” I think we made our best time yet (just a hair over 3 hours).

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