Adventures With Saabros: Electric Forest 2018

Apologies for our brief hiatus, but we were off on our yearly retreat in Rothbury, Michigan.

For the record, the Saabros team did intend to meet and greet fellow Saab/auto enthusiasts at the event, but if you’ve ever been to such a gathering then you can imagine how easily this intention fell to the wayside. We did manage to check out a few sweet truck/SUV camping rigs, including our buddy Umar’s awesome Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro setup with a platform for his tent (shown below).

Saabros also got some shots of the white convertible 9-3 that’s being prepped as another BGKP Motorsports racecar. Chris had to drive the ‘vert to Electric Forest since the ol’ Ford F-150 was having issues. There’s also a few photos of the 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS sedan, and Frankie was quite happy to report that the Cobalt was able to make the 1,000+ mile round-trip without a hitch while also returning up to 31 miles per gallon.

What’s Electric Forest & Why Do We Go There?

Electric Forest is a four-day music festival that takes place in Rothbury, Michigan. In 2017 the organizers of the event began to offer two separate 4 day festivals – Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 – due to its growing popularity and attendance.

A wide variety of artists perform at the event, including the host band – The String Cheese Incident, FKJ, Porter Robinson, ODESZA, Dixon’s Violin, San Holo, Alina Baraz, Futuristic, and many, many more. And incase you were wondering—yes, Saabros did have the pleasure of seeing all the aforementioned live performances.

The fellas first found out about the festival when they began browsing for such events during their senior year as undergrad students at Penn State. Frankie told Chris how much he had enjoyed the Mad Decent Block Party events in Philadelphia, which he had attended thrice. Shoutout to Eddie for convincing Frankie to go in the first place!


For Frankie, Mad Decent lost a bit of its luster each year. It’s nothing against Diplo or Major Lazer, the sets were still very entertaining, but the overall environment was lacking. Electric Forest, however, is the complete opposite, with a wonderland-like element to it that can make one feel like a kid again.

The fellas didn’t make it to the forest their senior year, though, as they ended up going to the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware with a few close friends. This event was tampered by heavy rains and deep mud pits. The overall organization was lacking, and left us a bit unsatisfied. Our first trip to the forest was, again, the complete opposite of this. Everything ran smoothly, and there weren’t nearly as many porta-potty issues.

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That first year in the forest was much more doable since Chris had been hired by an automotive company that year and moved to the Jackson, Michigan area, which is about two and a half hours from Rothbury. Six months after that, Frankie completed his master’s program at Penn State, and set off west. It would be the first time the guys would be able to hangout together for more than just a couple of days since graduating. As such, their retreats to Electric Forest have since become somewhat of a tradition.

Here’s a bit more on why the guys enjoy going to the forest each year:

I enjoy music, both consuming and creating it, but when it comes down to it, I love “The Forest” for different reasons. The atmosphere offers nothing short of pure relaxation and escapism. The overwhelming simplicity of life, where the biggest decisions you are faced with include “what food are we getting next?” or “where should we set up our hammocks?” Most importantly, it’s the commitment-less, quality time spent with great friends that really ties it together for me. – Chris

The Saabros in a Saab.

Things can get a little stale in the everyday grind. So, being able to take a step back from all of that is refreshing to say the least. While I still love being able to enjoy a concert from the unparalleled comfort of my hammock, I have to admit the wonderland appeal didn’t really tickle my fancy all that much in 2018, and through the years I’ve realized that where I am matters less than who I’m with. – Frankie

If you’ve never been to Electric Forest or any such event, we’d recommend experiencing it at least once. You can browse the images below to get a sense of what it’s all about, or for a blast of nostalgia if you’re a fellow forester. We’ll have some footage from previous years up soon as well.

The second weekend event is actually going on right now, so if you do want to attend, you’ll have to wait until EF2019.


Again, apologies for the brief lull. Frankie began two new positions on Monday, after driving all day Sunday, and Chris had work to clear up before the BGKP Motorsports team left for the 24-hour race at Nelson’s Ledges. To make up for it, we’ll have some extra content coming your way. So, as always, stay tuned!

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