[Saabros Videos] Pleasant Gap AutoX In Our Saab 9-3s

The Central Pennsylvania Region SCCA group was a close-knit organization that made us feel right at home. We appreciated the fact that their smaller size allowed them to start later in the morning compared to most of the larger, neighboring regions. It also allowed for more seat time, inspired relationship building, and created an all around friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

In August of 2015 (which feels likeĀ ages ago), we attended our next autocross event together as “those Saab guys.” This time it was with the Central Region SCCA in Pleasant Gap, PA. The course layout was small but intentional. A keyhole turn made great use of the small space, forcing the driver to return through the course in the opposite direction. (A map of the track is shown in the slideshow gallery below.)

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The time came to compete and once again, Frankie and Chris were the only two in their class. Chris took the win this time, but Frankie was dealing with some overboost/limp-mode issues at the time, so we won’t necessarily say it was a fair shootout between these two Saabs. But as the saying goes, “ya run what ya brung.”

It’s worth noting that we hadn’t realized that there were two of the same videos on our YouTube account. Frankie had made an edit for the initial launch of Saabros using the footage above, while Chris just recently completed his edits to share in anticipation of this article. So we figured, what the heck, we’ll share them both. It will offer some insight to our individual perspectives. Have a great day, spread some good vibes, and enjoy!

Pleasant Gap Autocross Results

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