Jumpstart Your Week With This Saab Rally Racing Video

The first day of your week can be a drag, but this Swedish Rally video of Saab vehicles rallying should make your Monday a little less mundane.

If you’re someone who dreads Mondays and dreams of Fridays, then we empathize with you. Granted, the bros have so much going on right now that there’s plenty for them to do regardless of which day of the week it is, but excusing yourself from your obligations is a bit easier on a Saturday than it is on a Wednesday.

Or maybe you’re someone who works hard, plays harder, and doesn’t take any days off. A real baller, a shot caller, with 20-inch rims on your Impala. You know, like Lil’ Troy. Or maybe not. (Kudos to you if you get the reference.) 

In any case, watching some Swedes speed around a rally course and hearing the rumble of old Saab 2-stroke engines and Taunus V4 engines should brighten up your day, even if only a little. With that said, go ahead and hit play.

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