Flashback Friday Hooptie Edition: An Homage To Our Noble Steeds

As auto enthusiasts, or “car guys” (or gals), we tend to have the open-mindedness to buy almost any car on the planet. Why is that? Because we can fix anything, of course. Normally, this mentality leads us to buying project after project, most of which become forgotten dreams of yesterday’s past (sort of like Brian Scotto’s Audi?). However, when we need a car for the sole purpose of A-B transport, we’ll drive just about anything.

These are the stories of our “just about anythings.”

I moved to Michigan with a Subaru “bug-eye” WRX I had purchased from our buddy Josh (the one who helped me pull my transmission the first time). The first few months were great. It was awesome to drive in the winter time, but ultimately I wasn’t driving it that much. I had a decent amount of money tied up in it, as the Michigan insurance was far too high (before I hit the prime ole’ age of 25), and it sat 90% of the time. I decided it was time for it to go, but first I needed to find a whatever car.

Long before Tony was ever apart of BGKP motorsports, I knew him strictly as a familiar face in the workplace. It just so happened that, over the cubical wall, I heard he was trying to sell his 2001 Malibu for cheap. I jumped out of my seat and walked into Tony’s cubical, we talked some numbers, and only a few days later I was the proud owner of this turn-of-the-century GM grocery getter.

The interior was clean, all of the basic functions worked, but it definitely lived a hard life in the Michigan environment. Everywhere you looked there was at least a spot of rust. Honestly, I’m not even positive the rear suspension was attached to the frame. I can go on and on, but the it served its purpose. The engine ran fine and surprisingly, it never left me stranded anywhere. I drove that Malibu for maybe 6 months until I got back in the Saab game. A 1997 Saab NG900 was my next project, but you’ll hear more about that in some upcoming content.

Chris’s 1997 Saab NG900

Frankie has had his own share of hoopties, including the 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue that he mentioned when he talked about the supercharged 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS he had before his 2008 9-3 Aero. Before the Intrigue, though, Frankie drove a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker 4×4, and that thing was truly a piece of crap.

How crappy was it? Well, it was kind of like driving around on Friday the 13th; you had this heightened awareness that something bad could happen at any moment. The Tracker belonged to Frankie’s mom, and when he upgraded to his Cobalt SS he passed along the Cobalt LT to his mother so that she wouldn’t have to drive the Tracker anymore.

The funny (or sad) thing is that most of our street cars can be considered hoopties in their current condition, they’re just more capable hoopties. So we’d better get to work, ’cause these cars ain’t going to fix themselves!

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