Brighten Up Your Hump Day With Some “Extreme Saab Rallying” Action

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised, as this video contains footage of Saab vehicles wrecking, which may cause an intense emotional response and potential trauma.

There’s a variety of Saabs shown in the video above, and we’d be ecstatic to pilot any of them through a rally course. If we had to pick one, though, we’d probably opt for the tail-happy, lime green and gray 99. If given a choice, which Saab from the video would you choose? (Let us know by commenting in the designated section below.) We were surprised to see a 9-3SS (MY2003+) in the mix, as those aren’t typically used at rallies, while older 9-3s are rather common, according to Swedish Rally.

A lot of people see front-wheel drive vehicles as inferior, and there was a time when both of the Saabros wanted to get as far away from FWD platforms as possible. However, Chris and Frankie have come full circle, and have learned to appreciate the advantages of FWD, including its simplicity and the ability to push a FWD car to its limits without as much of a fuss.

If you enjoyed this video, then you should definitely check out the Swedish Rally YouTube channel. You can find them on Facebook, too.

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