Williamsport Drag Race “Lost” Footage

So you thought you saw it all? Yeah, us too. Here’s some recently recovered footage from Chris and Frank’s head to head 1/8th mile battle after the Williamsport airport autocross event held by the NEPA region SCCA group.

If you missed our original articles, go back and check out our coverage from the NEPA Williamsport Airport autocross and preceding 8th mile drag races. For those that are already informed, bravo, but secondly, go ahead and enjoy some “lost” drag racing footage from the cockpit of Chris’s 9-3.

Want to see more videos? Then head on over to the Saabros Media YouTube channel. We also occasionally feature footage published by Swedish RallySaabCarsso be sure to return to Saabros.com for more Saab-centric goodness.

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