State College Saab Photoshoot Is How Saabros First Started

The summer was fading, and the 2015 autocross season was over for Chris and Frankie. However, the “Saabros” weren’t looking about to just sit around and “enjoy some downtime,” so they set off on their next Saab project instead.

The summer of 2015 was one that definitely sticks out for us. We were fresh out of college, attended our first music festival, got our feet wet in motorsports, and above all else, enjoyed the last few months of freedom with our close-knit friend group.

Inevitably, the moment came when we had to start focusing on the future. We had applied to jobs far and wide, not knowing where opportunity would take us. In a newfound world of uncertainty we knew one thing for sure: there was one last thing we needed to cross off the checklist.

Our friendship grew as we bonded over cars throughout college, and in most recent past, those cars happened to be Saab vehicles. Frankie, with his experience in automotive journalism, and Chris with his love for all things media, had a vision: an outlet to share first- and third-hand automotive experiences, cover automotive news, and review value-adding products through any media platform we saw fit. It was in that instance the “Saabros” name was born (shoutout to Lyndon Johnson for coining the term!).

We wanted to be an outlet for the masses—a place where any auto enthusiast could be engaged, and not just our fellow Saab nuts (though we had no intent on hiding our love for the Saab brand). Our intent was to launch the site with an explosion of media to catch the attention of our target audience, because who doesn’t love a nice distraction on a Monday morning?

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We got to work detailing our Saabs in preparation for a photoshoot paired with a cruise in and around State College, PA. We spent the night prior making a detailed shot list, and once that was finished, we started planning how the site would operate. We were all in.

We woke up early, got everything ready, and succeeded in what we set out to accomplish. What else can we say, it was a great day. We spent every waking hour obsessing over our own cars. Now that’s a car enthusiast’s heaven right there.

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That’s when life got busy. Frankie decided to go back to school to obtain his Master’s degree through Penn State University. Between his classwork and various freelance positions, his workload was more than expected. Chris worked full-time at a local distribution center, spending all of his free time sending out job applications. Sadly, this left little time for passion projects, and Saabros had to take a backseat.

Months later, adding insult to injury, Chris unfortunately crashed his 2007 Saab 9-3 after a long night of work, rendering half of Saabros ‘Saab-less’.

Onto 2018

Over the years Frankie managed to break his 2008 9-3 Aero, acquire a 2008 Turbo X (which he broke, fixed, and broke again), and find an STi swapped 9-2X for his fiance Kayla (which is currently broken as well). He also finally acquired his long sought-after vehicle, a 1 of 474 2009 Cobalt SS Turbo sedan (this one actually works), and has since replaced the engine, suspension, chassis bits, and a few other odds and ends.

2009 Cobalt SS, 2008 Turbo X, 2005 9-2X

Chris had some interim vehicles before returning to the Saab game, but once he did, he came back full force. In a year’s span he bought three Saabs: a 1997 900SE coupe (which became the BGKP 900), along with two 1998 900SE’s (one for a daily, one for parts), all for a mere 2000 bucks. This trend continued as he convinced his roommate, Hassan, to buy his own 9-3SS. BGKP later purchased two more: a 1999 9-3 ‘vert, along with another 900SE parts car.

After three years of “adulting,” the bros had their lives together just enough to yield them some free time, and officially launched earlier this year in February. Stay tuned for an upcoming Saabros re-launch, with a revised site, more videos, and a podcast!

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