[BGKP Saab 900] Whew, At Least the Cage is Finished

While the Saabros were away at Electric Forest, Hassan was at home getting shit done on BGKP’s Saab 900 racecar. One of which was fabricating gussets for the halo, giving it greater structural support.

The next step was to add the rear supports for the main hoop, as shown in the video below.

In the meantime, Gabe and I were worked on fabricating the spreader plates to mount the frame to the car.

Over the next couple of days our efforts were split between fabricating A-pillars and completing the patch work that had to be done on the floors.

Since we would lose access to the top of the cage once the A-pillars were welded in place, I took the opportunity to get through the first round of painting.

The main focus remained on finishing the cage, and the only items left were the door bars and a dash bar.

However, plenty of supplemental tasks were still being tackled in the background, such as removing the rear windows, rebuilding axles, and adding some tow hooks.

With the cage completely installed we decided to call it a night. Well, most of us. I couldn’t help but finish up the paint job.

Now that my anxious-self was satisfied, I headed inside, too.

20170722_Work_Grass Lake_1997 Saab_BGKP_Cage_Nascar Door Bars_12_edit

We were far from finished, but completing the cage was a weight lifted off our shoulders. At this point there was no hope of completing the car by our targeted deadline, so we couldn’t test it out on track, but there was always time to shake it out on the road (keep in mind, it was still registered and insured at this point).

Next time I’ll discuss the final touches of the BGKP Saab 900 build, as we still needed to finish up the minor – though plentiful – tasks that remained on the to-do list.

For more information on our process behind building a roll cage, check out the Civic build story with detailed descriptions.

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