[Saabros Video] That Time I Took My Saab 900 to Waterford Hills Raceway

I’ve been busting on my Saab 900 a lot in recent posts. This time I’ve decided to flip the script and recap the time my NG 900 outperformed my expectations.

We were deep into the BGKP NG900 build at this point, and we were disappointed we didn’t have it buttoned up enough to practice with, but that didn’t mean we were going to skip the track day at Waterford Hills Raceway.

Hassan and I headed out in our daily track stars. Hassan’s ’04 9-3 was sporting double spoke wheels, wrapped in 235/45R17 Hankook RS-3’s, which came from my deceased 9-3. I ran 225/50R16 Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs on some OEM 10 spokes. Both Saabs were equipped with EBC yellowstuff pads and had fresh ATE Type 200 brake fluid.

What else can I say, it was just your typical, super fun track session. Nothing broke, no one crashed or caught on fire, it was a solid day. So sit back and enjoy reliving the event through the windshield of an NG900 and 9-3SS.

My fastest time was a 1:30.07 on my last run of the day, while Hassan squeaked out a few 1:35’s throughout the day. Be sure to post up your times in the comments below if you’re a Waterford Hills local!

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