Welcome To Saabros.com

Hello and thank you for visiting Saabros. Below is an overview of this website’s interface. For our most recent content, click here.

To the left (or above if you’re using a mobile browser) you’ll see a set of drop down menus, titled ‘The Garage’, ‘Track Days’, ‘Reviews’, and ‘Other Segments’. The menu names may change, or more might be added, but you can expect our content to fall under one of these topics.

The Garage
20160630_Work_Grasslake_Teardown_2008 9-3

If you expand the The Garage drop down by clicking on it, you’ll see two sub-categories: ‘Other Builds’ and ‘Saabros Projects’. Other Builds will feature the vehicles of guests at the shop or sweet rides that we come across when we’re at meets, shows, or the track. As for Saabros Projects, well that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Track Days

The Track Day category is where you’ll find all of the content captured and created during our trips to the track. We’ve divided the categories into three categories. One category is ‘Road Course’, which covers our experience with Champcar (Chumpcar) Racing and Test n Tunes, or open Track Days. The second category is ‘Solo Racing’, which covers ‘Auto X’ (autocross racing, it’s the one with the cones) and ‘Rally’ (you could call it dirt racing). For now, the third category is ‘Straight Line Racing’, and sub-categories will be added as more content is created.

20141120_Work_Beck/Arnley Coils_NGK Spark Plugs_2008 9-3

Reviews are an important resource for an informed consumer, and one of our goals is to be that resource for you, our audience. We’ll review aftermarket parts, OEM parts, (hopefully) press vehicles, dealerships, independent shops, and more. Currently there are two ‘Reviews’ sub-categories, ‘Car Reviews’ and ‘Product Reviews’, though ‘Business Reviews’ will soon be added.

Other Segments

Feel free to explore the content that pops up here. If you see something you like, be sure to let us know in the comment section so that we can keep creating content you actually want to see.